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Vision & Objectives

We take fish out of Inland Water


The project is based on a Semi-Submersible platform that can withstand extreme ocean conditions and ensure its performance, sustainability and survivability. This will enable to operate in the open sea while achieving the following benefits:


  • Returning the fish to their natural environment (quality, variety of species, fast growth, etc.).

  • Enabling the exploitation of the open sea unused natural resources and areas, thus allowing fast expansion and scalability.

  • Causing minor environmental and ecological intervention.

  • Acquiring food security on a global scale - producing and supplying high quality animal protein.

























The company’s objective is to cooperate with regional partners in operating the mariculture platform and related activities on a substantial scale while maximizing efficiency and achieving high profits.


We believe that this unique project provides a real and complete solution and addresses important requirements in the food industry. In addition, it provides certain products to the pharmaceutics and cosmetics industries and could therefore achieve a new era in mariculture.


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