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The Project's Unique Features

The project is based on a Semi-Submersible platform that can withstand extreme ocean conditions. Currently, the platform’s technological basis is extant, proven and extensively used in a few operations, like offshore oil and gas drilling. The platform’s features ensure its performance, sustainability and survivability.  

Innovative Concept

The concept is based on connecting a firm and modular submerged cage structure to the mariculture platform and making the necessary adaptations, including the development and installation of innovative technologies and control systems. The platform will be manned and operated 24/7 and will enable full control and supervision over the entire growth process. 


The system will be built to serve as the world’s leading cost-efficient sea farming method, both in the setup and the on-going operational phases.

Solid & Proven Technology Basis

All of the platform components and technologies already exist and operate separately in different industries and environments - this fact is a substantial advantage since the platforms development is focused on implementing existing technologies and mariculture machinery, connecting them to the platform and integrating them with one another. The integration itself is one of the key factors ensuring the success of the system.

IP Rights

The company has registered a patent for its innovative technological developments and the mariculture platform configuration, detailing the systems’ integration, as well as the agriculture automation and machinery. 

Uncompromising Sustainability

The Mariculture Platform presents an innovative concept in the Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) industry that follows strict safety standards and combines the latest design solutions that enable survivability in extreme ocean conditions, support ecological and environmental aspects and provide efficient fish and sea farming.

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