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Ir. (Naval Architect) Magister of Engineering Yehoshua Fishler - Director of Marine Engineering  

An experienced marine engineer, graduated with a Master’s in Oil & Gas engineering from the Technion, a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from HVAC, and is a registered consultant professional engineer at the Israeli Shipping Authority. a member of the B.Sc. faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Tel Aviv University and was recently nominated as Chairman of the Board of the Israeli section of the SPE in Africa as head of Mechanical and Electrical Department.  He has hands-on experience with EPC in numerous construction projects, such as: Ship hulls, offshore construction, ship engineering and marine engineering works, electro-mechanical, control, energy and electrical systems, central and Industrial air conditioning and renewable energy systems.

Mr. Darko Frank, D.Sc. Nav.Arch. - Director of Mechanical Engineering - Platform main planner

Head of RTD Department - ship structures Allstars Engineering Group

Marine engineering Dr. with vast experience both in civil and marine engineering.

President of the “Croatian Association for Competitiveness in Maritime Industry.

Former CTO - As2con  a research, development and application company, providing innovative engineering and business development solutions for the maritime industry. The company was founded in 2006 in Rijeka, Croatia.

Mr. Shimon Reinich - Director of Mechanical Engineering - Systems integration engineer

leading maritime engineer (B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering) 26 years of solid experience in naval engineering and marine vessels technology implementation, management and mechanical operations. vast experience in naval architecture, naval engineering, operations management and planning, designing and implementation of maritime systems, such as: under water systems and equipment, machinery and propulsion, hydraulic and lifting systems, command and control systems. 

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