Mr. Shay Brosh -  Founding Partner, CEO

Mr. Brosh has 3 decades of experience in naval management as well as in many  senior positions in various fields and he is considered to be a leading expert in the field of naval security. Mr. Brosh founded in 2009 Sea Control Holdings, a company which specializes and provides senior consulting in maritime security and offshore transfer of inland infrastructure. In addition, Mr. Brosh has proven background in the field of mariculture and fish farming.          

Mr. Ran Kaplan - Partner, Executive VP R&D and Commercial

Mr. Kaplan is a naval professional with 3 decades of experience in naval operations, business management and entrepreneurship. Mr. Kaplan joined the Mariculture Systems team in 2009, and was in charge of various operations such as R&D management, regulations, planning, financial analysis and control, business development and more.                                                            

Mr. Amir Mushkat - VP Operations

Mr. Mushkat has a lifetime of experience at sea. He is an expert in the design, planning and construction of naval vessels, with over 10 years of experience with mega-yacht management services.

Mr. Mushkat is the founder and owner of the “Mushkat Marketing and Business Development” company which specializes in a variety of yachting fields, including management, brokerage, agency services & deliveries.

Mr. Roni Meshoulam - Director of Production

Mr. Meshoulam is an expert in the field of marine vessel management, development and construction.  He is the owner and founder of Searoni Ltd, a yacht management and construction company since 1990.

Mr. Meshoulam brings 25 years of extensive experience and a proven track record in high-end marine crafting.                                                           

Mr. Noam Cnaani - Director of Marketing

A seasoned executive, Noam Cnaani has served as the CEO and CFO of Cnaani Marketing co. since 1995. Prior to Cnaani Marketing Co, Mr. Cnaani served as an active fighter pilot in the Israeli Air Force for 3 decades. He held various high-ranking position overseeing operations as well as flight instruction. Cnaani was also chief instructor at the Military Academy, training high ranking lieutenants and colonels. He holds a BA in Political Science from Bar Ilan University.

Ir. (Naval Architect) Magister of Engineering Yehoshua Fishler - Director of Marine Engineering  

An experienced marine engineer, graduated with a Master’s in Oil & Gas engineering from the Technion, a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from HVAC, and is a registered consultant professional engineer at the Israeli Shipping Authority. Mr.Yehoshua Fishler is a member of the B.Sc. faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Tel Aviv University and was recently nominated as Chairman of the Board of the Israeli section of the SPE in Africa as head of Mechanical and Electrical Department. Prior to his recent roles, Mr. F. held a key engineering position at Koron Industries as an EPC Engineer.  He has hands-on experience with EPC in numerous construction projects, such as: Ship hulls, offshore construction, ship engineering and marine engineering works, electro-mechanical, control, energy and electrical systems, central and Industrial air conditioning and renewable energy systems.