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Operation - Localization & Implementation

The project in each region is a tailor-made customized solution based on the local conditions and requirements.


In order to successfully launch a project in a new territory, our team of experts will conduct a survey and a feasibility study. These survey and study will cover all topics related to locating and operating the mariculture platforms and setting up the entire operation in the designated territory.


The survey will be carried out over a period of 3-6 months and will focus on different characteristics that affect the regional implementation in the selected  territory, mainly:

  • Biological Aspects - Water Characteristics

  • Physical Aspects - Sea State

  • Infrastructure, Regulations and Potential Collaborations


The project implementation requires the following:

  • A minimum onshore zone of approximately 5-8 hectares, that will be used for inland operations (logistic center, warehouse, packing house, staff offices & residence, etc.).

  • A minimum offshore zone of approximately 20 hectares for locating each platform. The recommended depth should be approximately 75 - 150 meters.

  • Obtaining an efficient and suitable access to a pier for the service vessels, in order to enable loading and unloading goods (fry, fish food, general supplies, etc.).

  • Obtaining permits for operating the platforms and the entire operation (production license; marketing and distributing of the aquaculture products within the country; export & import licenses; veterinary permits; working permits for international experts, etc.).

  • Obtaining incentives, benefits and tax exemptions (VAT, income, corporate and dividend tax, export/import, etc.).

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