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The platform provides a complete solution for fish and sea farming in the open sea and has several major advantages:  

  • Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) - significantly low set-up investment while taking into account the growing capacity (approximately US$ 1.5M/1,000 ton a year) compared to other methods of fish farming (approximately US$ 10M/1,000 ton a year).


  • Operational Expenditure (OPEX) - efficient, economical and fast growth process that provides significantly low operational (ongoing) costs compared to other methods of fish farming.


  • Natural Quality - a healthier and tastier product (“free-range food”) with higher nutrition  values and better quality, which may be offered at a premium price (the sea currents and the low density eliminate the need to use additives and other substances, such as antibiotics and oxygen).

  • Various Species - due to its capabilities (size, modularity, versatility, survivability, open-sea environment etc.), the system can be located in any sea, and therefore enables natural breeding and  growing of various types of fish and other mariculture products.


  • Consistent Supply - the system’s high capacity and modularity will allow consistent distribution of fish, as well as catering specific purchasing orders in compliance with exact required batches (future contracts, tenders, etc.).


  • Additional Products & Sectors - the ability to grow additional sea farming products, such as various types of seaweed and algae, crustaceans and seafood, sea anemones as well as other products for various industries such as food, cosmetics, and medical/pharmaceutical purposes at a negligible additional cost.


  • Expansion & Scalability - the system enables the exploitation of the open sea unused natural resources and areas allowing rapid expansion, scalability and large-scale operations on an unprecedented scale.

Profits, Profitability & Returns - as a result of the above mentioned advantages, the project will generate significant profits, high profitability and fast returns.

  • Ecological & Environmental Impacts - the platform prevents environmental and ecological damages due to open sea currents and wide areas, the system’s configuration and size, low density of fish and its high level of control and automation.


  • Sustainability & Durability - the platform is designed to withstand all weather and open sea conditions. It is mobile and can be towed to a new location if  such relocation is required. In addition, the system and its equipment have significant long life expectancy in comparison to all other marine equipment.


  • Securities & Guarantees - the required investments will be carried out in tranches according to pre-defined milestones. The vast majority of funds will be secured by either bank guarantees or insurance coverage according to the project's stage.


  • Resource Usage - exploitation of unutilized marine natural resources - thus, saving the extensive usage of limited resources, such as land, energy, water and bays.


  • Grants & Benefits - the project caters the most urgent global demands such as food security, ecology, environment and is in-line with recent values and Impact Investments guidelines, thus complying with principles supported by major institutes, funds and grants.

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