Unleash the Oceans’ Potential with AI-Controlled Open-Sea Aquaculture


Mariculture-Systems provides a revolutionary approach to fish farming in the open sea, seamlessly controlled, fully automated managed system that enable proficiency and close process examination with minimum personnel, while combining AI solutions to an on-going process improvement.


Open-sea aquaculture addresses critical environmental concerns by reducing the pressure on coastal ecosystems posed by conventional fish farms. Mariculture-Systems open-sea aquaculture offers a profitable and sustainable approach to safeguarding the production of quality fish.

Mariculture-Systems pioneering method optimizes the growth of the fish, by enabling a healthy and efficient living environment, while maintaining principles of ecological sustainability. The principal aim of Mariculture-Systems is to make the required world demand for deep sea off-shore aquaculture possible, while changing the aquaculture landscape, delivering a solution which enables unparalleled sustainability and remarkable profitability.


It’s a win-win strategy
for food producers, fisheries
and our planet!

Our key benefits

Semi-Submersible Platform engineered to sustain 17-meter high wave surges
Unique patented design lets fish flourish in native environment for healthier growth
Elevated Production Capacity of 8,000 tons of fish annually
Year-round Operations ensures consistent output over an impressive 25-year service life
Designed for scalability and productivity through shared infrastructure
Automated Production Facility lowers operational costs and boost profitability
AI-Powered Growth Management enables precision control for optimizing growth conditions and boosting efficiency
Sustainable design leaves a very low negative ecological impact
The submergible system supports natural fish behavior of diving below the waves during storms.

Watch the system

Building the future of robust aquaculture

Experienced Multidisciplinary team
Marine scientists, Engineers and Economists
Globally-Patented technology
2 patents granted
across 35+ countries
Platform co-developed with
leading engineering companies
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